Creative Living Wall Art With Plants You Can Easily Make Yourself

Two years ago, a video clip appeared on the web in which the author showed how to create a living wall art.

Instead of colors, the canvas is embellished with real flowers, and the end result will surely delight every guest who will walk into your home.

In the frame with the iron grid, author first inserted a cloth, and then loaded the earth in the back of the space. He closed everything from the back, then started planting cactuses.

On the front of the frame, he made some holes in the cloth, and then planted cactuses there. Since these plants do not require much water, watering with a sprayer is enough.

Under the video, many commentators wrote that they would not hang the creation on the wall because of the moisture in the siol. You can also use this creation as a beauty additive in a house that you place on a table or other surface.
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