Crow Helps Sleepy Hedgehog To Cross The Road

These days the web surrounds an unusual scene filmed on one of the roads by a driver.

He saw a crow and a hedgehog on the asphalt, then took a mobile phone in his hands and filmed the whole scene on camera.

And what was going on on the road in front of him? A clever crow used its beak to push the hedgehog to cross the road as quickly as possible. Otherwise, he could suffer a cruel fate, as he could possibly be run over by a car.

With the perseverance, the crow moved the small hedgehog to the other side of the road, and then went on its way forward.

Since crows are considered very clever animals, it probably had other plans with the hedgehog. It may have hoped that the hedgehog would be run over by a car on the side of the road to make itself safer during the meal.
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