Cute Baby Elephant In China Slides Down Hill For Fun

One of the hits online is a cute video in which the author captured a little elephant among very special feats.

He took the time to have fun on the muddy hill, and the video is still a real hit online.

The video with the little elephant in the lead role has already reached more than 1.2 million views on YouTube to date. Many animal lovers online are thrilled with the scenes.

A three-year-old elephant named Yishuang was born in an elephant shelter, and his mother was rescued by good people six years ago. A few days ago, the elephant was filmed doing something very special - he used the muddy slope for a slide, and with his action, he quickly anchored himself in the hearts of many online users.

Watch a cute video from the Chinese province of Yunnan in which the caretakers recorded the sincere joy of the little elephant as he enjoyed on the muddy path. Will he impress you too with his actions?
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