Dachshunds Drag Bed To Sunny Area To Get Warm

A few days ago, a video landed on the Internet, in which we can follow two puppies with a genius idea.

They dragged their bed to a place that was illuminated by the sunny area, and with what they did they impressed many Internet users.

The video, which landed on the YouTube network in the past few days, is already a real hit - on the aforementioned network alone, it has reached over 100,000 views to date, and many commentators laughed at the scene.

The scene was filmed by the owners of the dachshund puppies in the city of Allen in the US state of Texas. We can follow the dog named Ruby as he drags the bed towards the sun's rays, with the dog Ivy following him as he does so.

Watch a cute video where two dachshunds have delighted many animal lovers online as they provide extra comfort in their own way.
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