Dad Falls Asleep In Kid's Bed Who Stacks Toys On Him

A video landed on the YouTube network last month, which made many online users laugh, judging by the responses.

In the clip, we can follow a scene from a child's room when a father fell asleep while playing with a toddler.

The father in the video was too tired to continue playing with his son - he fell asleep right on his bed, and the toddler honestly indulged in a tired father. The mother recorded a scene on her mobile phone that will no doubt make you laugh too.

The child started stacking toys on his father. When the mother entered the room, there were already dozens of toys on the father.

The video is already a real success online - to date it has reached a little less than 200,000 views, and you will surely laugh at the scenes from the bottom of your heart. Will the video brighten your day too?
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