Dad Makes His Son Jog To School After He Was Kicked Off Of The Bus For Bullying

Among young people, there is still a lot of bullying. Some parents do not give any lesson to their children when they are mocking their classmates, and their attitude does not change that way. And the father of a boy in the video is the real opposite of such parents.

After his son was thrown out of the buse, because of bullying, his father was determined to give his son a real lesson. The boy could not to enter the bus for three days, so his parents had to drive him to school.

But did they really?

In order for his son to learn a life lesson, his father imposed a special punishment. He drove to school with his car, and his son had to run towards him for a mile. The same "transport" was also received on the way from school, and the sentence lasted throughout the week.

The father wrote on the video that the behavior of his son changed significantly, he is more friendly to his classmates, and he does not even cause problems during school lessons. The lesson of his father was also praised by teachers who now see a great progress with his son.
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