Dad Signs Song To Daughter On Her Wedding

There was a lot of enthusiasm online for a touching video in which one father decided on a very special surprise at his daughter's wedding.

To date, his performance has been watched by almost half a million viewers from all over the world on the YouTube network alone.

A few years ago, the bride in the video was involved in a very serious car accident. Due to the consequences, she could not speak, and at first she communicated with her parents and friends in sign language, as she already knew it.

Sign language was a big problem for her father in particular, so they simplified communication. Messages were written on a whiteboard, and a few years after recovery, her wedding followed.

The father prepared a wonderful performance for the bride. When the song "I Loved Her First," introduced to the world by the music group Heartland in 2006, was played in the background, the lyrics were "sung" with a sign language. The surprise moved the bride to tears, and the video will surely brighten your day as well.
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