Daughter Watches Mother With Dementia Play Piano Beautifully

These days, another moving video has surfaced the web in which a daughter filmed her mother with dementia.

She played the piano in front of her, and the video impressed many online users.

92-year-old Elaine Lebar from Buzzard Bay, Massachusetts, has been suffering from dementia for 11 years, and her 63-year-old daughter Randi Lebar has to take care of her because Elaine can't do many tasks on her own.

But in one of the activities, grandma Elaine is completely independent - when she sits at the piano, many memories of the music she once played decades ago return.

For the past two years, Randi has recorded her mother with beautiful scenes of her playing classical music on the piano - from Chopin to Beethoven. Despite dementia and many forgotten memories from her past. Another proof that music is a wonderful medicine.
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