Dave Grohl Surprises The Little Girl With A Song He Made About Her

Dave Grohl is a 51-year-old American singer, known to many primarily as a member of the legendary music group Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

These days, he has impressed many online, but most of all the girl for which he wrote and sang the song.

Nandi Bushell is a sympathetic girl who has exceptional talent while playing drums. In recent days, she has competed with the American singer in a duet of who plays the drums better.

Dave Grohl surprised the girl these days when he wrote a song called "Nandi" especially for her, in which he sings about the legendary girl who is the best drummer in the world. You can see her response in the video below.

The girl's response to Dave Grohl's song:

The girl confided to fans in the video that she could not believe that Dave Grohl had written a song for her. She is grateful to him from the bottom of her heart for this move, and she also thanked his family. Listen to a song written and sung for Nandi by Dave Grohl with the help of Foo Fighters.

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