Death Row Dog Realizes He's Been Adopted And Literally Jumps For Joy

Years ago, a video from the Carson Shelter located in Gardena, California, landed online.

They filmed a wonderful pitbull's reaction after the dog learnt that good people will adopt him.

The scene, which has driven many animal lovers to tears, has already received more than 6 million views on the Facebook network to date. No wonder, if the reaction of a pitbull named Benny is so sympathetic.

His luck was captured on camera by Carson Shelter staff as he was strapped to a leash. When Benny realized what was coming next, he started jumping for joy and going crazy.

The family that adopted Benny now offers him a warm home and human love, and, in their words, the pitbul returns his gratitude in every way possible. Will the reaction of the dog at the shelter also make your day better?
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