Depressed Dog Lives Alone At Shelter For 3 Years, Then Her Owner Finds Her

If you have a dog at home, then you will understand. They are our great friends, and we can rely on them at any time. If we give them the right measure of love, they always return love to us, and our goodness is highly appreciated.

We can not even imagine how we would feel if our dogs disappeared one day.

This is exactly what happened to Ariel from Argentina, who adopted the dog Pakita, and together they were inseparable friends. But one day the worst happened. Pakita ran away from her yard, and Ariel and his family were completely devastated.

Shortly after her escape, good people from the shelter found her on the streets, so they brought her to a safe shelter. In Argentina, stray dogs have hard time living on the streets, so staying in shelters is no doubt a better choice for them.

The owner searched for Pakita for a long time, but did not find her. He thought that the worst happened, but he insisted with his search. Three years passed when he received a call from the shelter that there is a dog, who looks like Pakita.

He went to the shelter and found his dog there! At first look, Pakita did not recognize him, but then quickly became aware of who was standing in front of her.

Look at her reaction when she found her real owner after spending three years in a shelter!
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