Detroit Cop Causes Major Accident, Arrests Driver To Cover Accident

A video from a Detroit, Michigan was filmed by a security camera on one of the streets. At the crossroad there was a serious collision between a unmarked police car and a passenger car.

The police drove over the stop sign, crashed hard into another car, and then took care of the massive scandal with their next move!

Immediately after the accident, the police duo stepped out of the vehicle, and then arrested 27-year-old Carlos Martinez, who was involved in the collision. Their action was unknowingly captured by a surveillance camera at one of nearby homes.

In the accident, Martinez took it only with scratches and bruises, while the driver of a police car suffered a broken rib and a broken collarbone.

Look at how the Detroit police officers tried to cover their guilt in a car crash. Would they deserve to get fired from their jobs?
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