Detroit Youth Choir Gets Golden Buzzer On AGT, Can't Hold Back The Tears

At the last audition of America's Got Talent show, a Detroit Youth Choir also introduced itself. It consists of children and their mentor is Antohny White, who has been teaching singing for more than 21 years in this choir.

At the performance, the host Terry Crews was so impressed, that he pressed the Golden Buzzer for the kids!

The girls and boys from the choir sang the song "Can't Hold Us", which is originally performed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The most touched was the host Terry, who also comes from Michigan.

At the end of the Detroit Youth Choir's performance, he stepped onto the stage, then touched many with the words that he was in the same place as these children. He said that the choir represented him and his life, and he was so enthusiastic above the performance that he pressed the Golden Buzzer for the group.

Thanks to that, they are going straight into the semi-finals of the show, where they will have to perform again for the final ticket. Look at how the children fascinated the host of the America's Got Talent show, Terry Crews.
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