Disney Christmas Advert 2020 Will Bring You To Tears

Disney has posted its Christmas commercial online for year 2020, which talks about the importance of family and tradition.

The three-minute-long animated video, marked by nostalgia, is already a real online hit worldwide.

A Disney Christmas commercial tells the story of one family through different generations, and at first we can observe the story of a little girl named Lola. Back in 1940, she received a plush Mickey Mouse toy as a Christmas present.

In 2005, Lola is already a grandmother, and on Christmas Eve she gives her granddaughter the same plush toy. But the years go by and one limb of the plush toy's ears gets torn. The granddaughter grows up and discards the toy, which particularly affects Lolo.

The granddaughter learns her feelings when she looks at her grandmother, so she corrects her mistakes and surprises her grandmother Lola with handmade star ornaments, which have a special place in her grandmother's heart. Disney ends its Christmas commercial with the message, "From our family to yours."

The ad was created in collaboration with the children's charity Make-A-Wish, with which Disney has been working for 40 years. Check out the wonderful Disney Christmas commercial that has touched many online with its content these days.
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