Distressing Moment Man Dumps Dog And Drives Away

Years ago, a video from a surveillance camera went viral online, showing a moment that broke the hearts of many animal lovers.

One of the drivers brought a dog out of the car, then heartlessly abandoned it on the side of the road and drove on without remorse.

The video, which landed on the Internet years ago, has reached almost 2 million views on YouTube alone. Many online commentators wrote that they were heartbroken by the scene.

The Sun, YouTube
We can watch the touching moment when a man stopped his vehicle and then abandoned his dog right on the side of the road. Despite the fact that the dog ran after the car, the cruel owner did not change his mind. Walkers found the dog a few hours later and called the good people from the shelter for help.

Watch the touching video of the heartbreaking scene from Stoke-on-Trent, England, where a cruel owner abandoned his dog.
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