Dog Finds An Injured Parrot And They Become Best Friends

The web is surrounded by a wonderful video in which we can follow the story of a very special animal friendship.

Charlotte, the owner of a dog named Milo, filmed scenes when her pet rescued an injured parrot.

One day, the dog Milo returned from a walk along with a parrot that had an injured wing. The owner of the puppy took care of the bird, and soon a friendly bond began to develop between the dog and the parrot.

The parrot named Cracker became attached to the dog, as the dog did to him. One day, the parrot flew to an unknown place, which caused Milo to experience a real crisis.

The bird was found after two weeks, and when they met again, the friendship between Milo and Cracker only strengthened. Take a look at the wonderful scenes of dog and bird friendship.
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