Dog Gets Shocked By Electric Fence, Donkey Starts To Laugh

A video has landed on the social network TikTok in recent days, which will make you laugh from the heart.

The author of the video captured two curious dogs by the pasture when one of the dog got shocked by an electric fence.

On the TikTok network, a user nicknamed nashrose18 posted a sympathetic video in which all the attention was stolen by a group of animals. First, two curious dogs were checking the terrain on a donkey pasture when one of them was shaken by electricity.

The dog got really scared and ran away, then a mischievous donkey provided a dose of laughter. He started laughing at the poor dog, and by doing so he also made many online users laugh.

Watch a funny video in which a donkey mocked an unfortunate dog shaken by an electric fence. Will the donkey's move make you laugh too?
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