Dog Hides Blueberries In Her Mouth And Spits Them Out When Owner Asks

An adorable video landed on the internet a few days ago, in which one dog stole all the attention.

She held several blueberries in her mouth and shyly spat them out in front of her on the owner's orders.

The video is already a real success on YouTube - it has reached more than 2 million views to date, and many viewers have laughed at the reaction of the dog in the video.

At first, she skillfully hid the delicious blueberries in her mouth, and before that she was caught by the owner during the theft. Owner then recorded the dog's hesitation on her mobile phone and posted the video online.

Take a look at a cute scene where all the attention was stolen by a cute dog while hiding stolen blueberries in front of the owner.
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