Dog Mistakes Furry Hood For A Toy, Drags Owner Around The Backyard

Above all, dogs always inspire, make us laugh and put us in a good mood with their funny exploits.

There was nothing different either in the video that landed online in the past few days. All the attention in it was stolen by a dog next to the owner.

The surveillance camera Ring recorded the moment when the four-legged furry friend apparently mistaken his owner for a toy. He grabbed her hood and pulled so hard that the owner landed on the floor.

She couldn't help but laugh at the scene - the dog's move more than obviously brightened her day, and the video quickly became a sensation online. To date, it has reached almost a million views on the YouTube network alone.

Take a look at a cute scene with a dog and owner captured by a security camera in front of the house. Do you ever laugh so heartily at the moves of your pets?
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