Dog Mom With A Broken Heart Waits For Her Owner To Come Back

These days, the web has been surrounded by a touching video from Serbia, in which good people from the shelter went to the aid of an abandoned dog.

She was lying in the grass in the company of two puppies, and passers-by told rescuers that someone had thrown the dog out of the car together with the puppies.

The dog sat in the grass for several days before the villagers called the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac for help. When they arrived at the place where the dog was, they found two puppies next to her.

One of the rescuers took the dog and the puppies to safety, then made sure once again that there were no more puppies in the grass. But he found another one who would have been left without a mother if he had been careless!

The dog was named Moli, and she and three puppies are now safe, waiting for potential adopters. See how good people in Serbia saved the lives of the puppies and the dog who waited for several days for the owner to return, but he never came.
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