Dog Pretends To Walk With A Limp Like Their Injured Owner Out Of Sympathy

At the beginning of this year, the web was surrounded by a hilarious video in which we can follow the dog and his owner.

The dog limped all the time, and his owner spent more than $400 on an X-ray at the vet before he realized the funny truth.

Mr. Jones recently broke his ankle and limped visibly while walking with the help of crutches. Shortly afterwards, his dog also started limping, which led the owner to take him to the vet for an X-ray.

He spent about $400 on the cost of the X-ray, but in the end he found that the dog was merely pretending to limp out of sympathy for the owner. To make the owner feel better, the dog copied his walk.

The video is already a real online hit, and to date it has reached millions of views across social networks. Take a look at the sympathetic walking of a dog that limped out of sympathy for the injured owner.
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