Dog Spent A Lifetime Chained To A Wall: She Cries When They Free Her

The web was surrounded by a video in which good people saved the life of a poor dog who spent her entire life on a chain.

Her owner didn't care for her, and the dog didn't even have her own name what broke the hearts of many animal lovers.

When Viktor Larkhill from the charity animal shelter arrived at the house where the dog was staying, he quickly noticed that she was living in very poor conditions. No one gave the animal the love she so desperately needed.

She just wanted touches, freedom and loving owners. She had never had that in her life, and she spent her time chained.

The video of rescuing a poor dog is already a real sensation online - it has reached more than 6 million views on the YouTube network alone to date. See how good people helped a helpless dog who had been chained all her life.
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