Dog Stops Car To Help Save Owner Who Suffered A Seizure

That the dog is man's best friend has been proven many times in the past.

The term is also confirmed by a video that landed on the YouTube network last month. All the attention in it was stolen by a Samoyed dog.

A video from a surveillance camera has landed on the YouTube network in recent weeks, in which we can follow the dog Clover during a walk with her owner Haley Moore. While walking, the owner suffered a seizure, causing her to fall on the floor.

At first, the dog tried to warn passers-by and drivers by barking, but no one noticed her. Shortly afterwards, she stood on the road and stopped the traffic so that someone could come to the aid of her owner.

When the first car stopped in front of the dog, the driver immediately came to the aid of the owner, and the dog probably saved her life with her action. Another proof that dogs are our best friends.
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