Dog Won't Leave Her Little Brother's Side When He's Sick

There are also friendships between animals that nothing in the world can break.

Such was also the case in the video in front of you, in which the owner filmed her two dogs. When they first met, they quickly became great friends.

The dog Sola recently got a new animal friend - a little puppy named Tido. Unfortunately, Tido became sick soon after, and the owner rushed to the vet with him. He told her that the dog has only about a 5% chance of survival.

Recovery followed, and dog Sola waited every day in front of the room where Tido was recovering. When his condition improved, they were able to hang out again.

After that, their friendship only intensified, and the dog Sola kept an eye on Tido all the time. When you see this wonderful example of canine friendship, your heart will also play.
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