Dog's Hilarious Reaction To Massage Gun

A few days ago, a funny video landed online, in which the author tested a massage gun on his dog.

With the help of vibrations, it offered him a very special pleasure, and judging by the response, the dog enjoyed the massage very much.

The video is already a real success online - on the YouTube network alone, it has reached more than 900,000 views in just over two weeks. Judging by the responses of online users, the pleasure that the dog enjoyed during the massage impressed many.

The author of the video tested a massage gun on his dog, which uses vibrations to massage the muscles. It is intended for humans, but judging by the responses, dogs are also enthusiastic about the device.

See how the dog reacted to the massage with the help of a massage gun, when the owner brightened his day in a very special way. Will the dog take over you with its response?
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