Donkey Starts Licking Owner's Face To Say Sorry After Breaking Into Feed Shed

A hit online is also a video in which the owner recorded a moving response from his donkey.

The animal had previously broken into the space where the owner was storing food, causing the donkey to try to apologize to him in a very sympathetic way.

The owner first scolded his animal and asked about the theft of food from the said space, and the donkey listened to him faithfully. There was also a hint of regret, which the donkey clearly showed with his next move.

The donkey shared his kisses with the owner, licking his face to take pity on him and accepting his apology. Many animal lovers are thrilled with the scene.

The video, posted on the YouTube network, has garnered more than 600,000 views to date, and the donkey's apology is sure to warm your heart as well.
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