"Don't Wet Her, She's a Female" Disagreement At The Dog Park Turns Into A Battle Of The Hose

Nowadays, every step of the way, we obviously have to be careful not to offend anyone with our actions.

An unusual scene from a dog park comes from California when one of the visitors got distracted by a man watering the grass!

The woman in the video was disturbed by the fact that at a busy time of day, a man in Los Angeles was watering grass in one of the dog parks there. He was reminded of this, but the man, most likely the park's caretaker, continued his work.

Since the verbal attack did not stop, the man gave the woman a lesson - he sprayed her with water, but then the real drama just started!

A real fight took place for the hose, and the two actors were eventually both soaked. Who do you agree with? With a man who was watering grass or with an angry visitor in the park?
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