Dreamlike Scene Over Lake Michigan In Chicago Is Like From A Movie

A few days ago, the central part of the US was covered by a polar vortex, which caused temperatures in Chicago to drop below minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

With strong winds, the feeling of cold was close to minus 49 degrees Fahrenheit, and at Michigan Lake a fairy-tale scene was drawn.

Water vapor was created above the water surface, which occurs when the very cold air moves over warmer water. Due to the large temperature difference water vapor forms, which is located just above the water. The scene was shot by Tom Skilling on the camera, and his video footage has already captured 5.5 million views on Facebook.

This scenario happens very rarely, because it requires a quick cooling of the air, and the temperature must fall far beneath the freezing point.

Many users on the web described the scene as a fairytale, and the video will surely impress you too. This is yet another proof of how beautiful our Mother Nature can be!
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