Driver In Stolen Car Does Epic 360's During Police Chase

A real drama took place in the streets of Los Angeles a month ago. Police officers were chasing a suspect with a stolen vehicle, and the chase ended after dramatic 20 minutes.

The suspect was repeatedly confusing the police with a vehicle, and the whole action was accompanied by a news helicopter crew.

In one of the moments, the suspect completely stopped on the highway, waited for the police officers, and then continued his journey. With the stolen Kia Sorrento, he repeatedly performed 360's at the crossroads, thereby honestly confusing the police officers who were chasing him.

But the policemen soon had enough of everything! Once again at the crossroad suspect started to drive in a circle, so one of the policemen put him in the trap, and the drama then quickly ended.

You can see the whole chase for a suspect in the video below.

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