Driver Scares Cat, Instant Karma Ensues

That human stupidity knows no bounds is also evidenced by a video that landed online a few years ago.

We can follow the scene with the cat on the car when the driver tried to scare the cat with a kick in the windshield.

The video, cpatured years ago in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is a real online hit to date - it has garnered almost 800,000 views on YouTube alone. All thanks to the immediate lesson that the driver received in the event of an unwise act.

The driver was resting in the car when he spotted a curious cat on the hood. To scare her and record her response, he kicked into the windshield with his foot. The first time he scared the cat, and on the second attempt he got an immediate lesson.

Take a look at the dose of karma the foolish driver got when he tried to scare a curious cat with his foot. Lesson learned?
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