Driver Sees The Future, Backs Up His Car Seconds Before Accident

These days, the web encircled a video clip in which one of the drivers avoided a car accident after lucky move.

Gilbert Garcia, who posted a video clip from his car online, was almost involved in a car accident while waiting at the crossroads. But thanks to his reaction, his car was taken without a scratch!

When he arrived at the intersection with the vehicle, he waited for some time, then instantly moved his vehicle a few meters back.

Only a few seconds after that, a traffic accident occurred at the crossroads, and one of the vehicles landed right in the place where Gilbert was previously with his car.

Many have said on the web that the driver saw the future.

Well, in all likelihood it was just a lucky move, and the video clip is a real hit on the internet right now. Take a look at how the driver has avoided a car accident with his action in the last seconds!
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