Dude Chased By Playful Neighbor's Dog

In recent days, a video from a security camera has landed on the YouTube network, in which a man was "attacked" by a neighbor's dog.

The dog probably only wanted to play with him, but what if the man was running away from him. The dog was eventually tamed by the owner.

The scene, captured by a security camera in Brownstown Township in the US state of Michigan, is already a real hit online. Many laughed especially at the man who ran away with all his might from the neighbor's dog.

According to many, the neighbor's dog only wanted to play with him, and the man wrote in the video that the dog did not bite him. However, despite the outcome, he was really scared.

Look at what an unusual scene was filmed by a security camera in the US state of Michigan when a neighbor's dog wanted to play with a man.
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