Dutch Skater Falls Right Through An Iced Canal

A new hit on the Facebook network is a video in which they filmed a brave skater on a frozen river channel.

He skated on the ice without a T-shirt, but soon ended up in an ice-cold river. Other skaters quickly came to his aid.

The video from the city of Amsterdam is already a real success on the Facebook network - it has reached more than 4 million views to date, and judging by the responses, many online users have really laughed at the feat of the daring skater.

Due to the thin ice at the edge of the river canal in Amsterdam, the skater fell into the water, and another skater came to his aid, dragging him to safety with the help of a rope.

Take a look at the scene that has surrounded the Facebook network these days. Will you laugh at the foolish move of the man in the video from the bottom of your heart too?

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