Dwyane Wade Gets Surprised, Five Fans Bring Him To Tears With Special Jerseys

American basketball star Dwyane Wade has played the last NBA match in his sports career over the past years.

At the last match, LeBron James, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton accompanied him on the floor, and he received special thanks from many other legendary basketball players.

At the last match against Philadelphia, Dwyane Wade was the first shooter of the match with 30 points and left the game a minute before the end of the match. He first embraced his son, and at the end of the match he was honored by his teammates with the jerseys with his name.

Dwyane Wade is considered to be a very good person, and from legendary basketball players, he has also picked up jerseys that are now safely stored in his showcase. Budweiser also made a surprise for him, where he was given five special jerseys with the help of the fans and his mother.

His mother was grateful to lead her to the right path, and a student gave him a special jersey on the floor, after Wade helped with the payment of her studies. A special gift was also given by Andrea, who lost her brother in the shootout, and Wade came to her aid that time.
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