Ed Sheeran Releases New Song 'Merry Christmas' With Elton John

English singer Ed Sheeran and English rock singer Elton John have enthralled many fans in recent days when they presented a new Christmas song in collaboration.

This is already a real success online - to date, it has reached more than 15 million views on the YouTube network alone.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John recently unveiled a new Christmas song titled 'Merry Christmas' along with a video on YouTube, and praise for their collaboration is coming from all over the world.

With the release of the new song, Ed Sheeran also announced a big tour, which he will prepare in the coming year 2022. On it, he will unofficially sing many songs with other well-known music artists.

Listen to the new Christmas song 'Merry Christmas' that Ed Sheeran and Elton John presented on YouTube these days. Will this be another in a series of Christmas hits?
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