Elderly Man Gives Cop Dancing Lesson During Traffic Stop

One elderly man caused the excitement of many Internet users these days when he charmed a policewoman during a police check.

He demonstrated his dancing skills in front of her, and by doing so he even avoided the ticket.

The video, which was captured these days in the city of Pickens in the American state of South Carolina, is already a real hit on the YouTube network - to date it has reached more than 400,000 views, and many Internet users are impressed with the elderly man.

The policewoman stopped him for meandering down the road, but he soon repaid her. He completely impressed her with his dancing shoes, and they even danced together. The cute moment with the elderly man was recorded by the camera worn by the policewoman on her uniform.

Take a look at the cute video where we can follow the elderly man as he escaped the ticket by dancing. Will he also impress you with his actions?
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