Elvis Presley Kissing All The Woman In The Front Row On The Lips

A video recording of the legendary singer Elvis Presley during one of his concerts has once again made its rounds on the Internet.

There he approached the audience while singing, and then showered the female part with kisses on the lips.

Elvis Presley (full name Elvis Aaron Presley) was an American singer and film actor, known as the king of rock'n'roll and during his career he recorded 94 LPs, 40 successful albums and played 27 film roles.

In addition to music, he was also very popular among women. He was known for his charm and kindness, and these days a video clip where we can follow Elvis at one of his concerts has been making the rounds on the internet.

When he sang his hit 'Love Me Tender' on stage in 1970, he approached the girls in the front rows, then kissed one after another on the lips. None of them resisted the kiss, and the video clip has reached several million views on the Internet to date.
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