Emmanuel Sandoval Santillan Sings "Chasing Cars" By Snow Patrol In The Voice

In the singing show The Voice in Germany, Emmanuel Sandoval Santillan performed at blind auditions these days, blowing off the judges with his talent.

He presented himself with a world-famous hit, which he sang in Spanish in front of the gathered judges of the show.

Emmanuel Sandoval Santillan auditioned for The Voice Germany 2020 with the song "Chasing Cars", which was introduced to the world in 2006 by the music group Snow Patrol.

He surprised many with another decision - he sang the said song in Spanish and took over all the judges in the singing show.

Listen to how Emmanuel Sandoval Santillan performed a Spanish rendition of the song "Chasing Cars," signed by the Snow Patrol band, at blind auditions on The Voice in Germany.
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