England's Mountain Ambulance Service Team Trials Paramedic Jet Suit

Can you imagine living in a world where rescuers come to us with jetpacks?

The mentioned technology is being tested these days in England, where mountain rescuers have been equipped with jetpacks.

Jetpack or a rocket backpack is a special device that can take us into the air and is operated by a single person.

The technology has also been tested in Lake District National Park in England these days, where access to the injured hikers is very difficult due to the varied terrain.

Mountain rescuers from England have teamed up with Gravity Industries, a company that makes jetpacks, and the first results are remarkable. During the first tests, instead of the 25 minutes that would have been spent walking to the scene of an accident, the path with the flying device took only a mere 90 seconds. Is this a look into the future of mountain rescue?
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