Entangled Baby Seal Thanks His Rescuers

The non-profit organization Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) posted a beautiful video on YouTube in which two of their members rescued a baby seal.

The unfortunate animal became entangled in a fishing net, and after a successful intervention, it thanked the rescuers in its own special way.

Antoine and Naude from the said organization came to the aid of a group of seals enjoying the beach near Walvis Bay in Namibia. Some of them became entangled in nets and other waste.

First, they rescued a small seal that was caught in a discarded fishing net. When they released it, the animal thanked them in a very special way.

Many seals escape immediately after being set free, but this baby reacted differently. It waited with the rescuers for a while, let itself be petted, and then calmly crawled towards the sea. Antoine and Naude then rescued two more seals, which also got entangled in nets.
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