Etna Volcano Erupts For Fourth Time In Four Days

A new eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily occurred yesterday late in the afternoon, and the web was once again surrounded by videos of the power of nature.

No injuries were reported this time either, and the scenes at the eruption of the volcano impressed many nature lovers.

The Etna volcano erupted for the fourth time in the last four days - the last time yesterday in the late afternoon, and the sky above the volcano turned orange again. The scenes were also filmed by Giuseppe Distefano and Marco Restivo from Italy, and their video has impressed many online.

Breathtaking scenes of the fourth eruption of Mount Etna in the last four days were also filmed at The Sun.

Check out videos of last night's eruption of Mount Etna, considered one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. Another proof of the relentless power of Mother Nature!

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