Failed Brakes Led Semi-Truck Into Massive 30+ Car Crash In Tooele

A horrifying video has emerged from the United States showing the shocking scene after a truck's brakes failed.

The driver tried to avoid the worst, but nevertheless collided with more than 30 vehicles, before the truck caught on fire.

The video was released to the public by the police from the city of Tooele in the US state of Utah, and it has already reached more than 300,000 views on the YouTube network. It is truly fortunate that no one lost their life during the incident.

The police also announced that the truck's brakes failed before the collision, which led to real destruction. The driver crashed into more than 30 cars, and finally into sales and parts operations from in the Ford building.

Watch the terrifying video from the US state of Utah, where we can follow the shocking unfolding after a truck's brakes fail.
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