Family Buys An Old Church, Turns It Into Breathtaking Home

Years ago, Shannon Burns posted a video of herself walking into her sister's house on her YouTube channel.

Sister and her family bought an old church and then converted it into a beautiful home that takes your breath away with the interior.

Years ago, an old church, built in 1890, was put up for auction. The local authorities did not want to demolish the church completely, and one of the families saw an ideal opportunity to buy a new home.

They bought the church and then completely renovated it. The exterior still resembles a church building, but the interior is a story for itself. The family now lives in a very spacious home, and many of the objects in the church have been turned into usable spaces.

Would you live in a church if you could restore it the way the family in the video did? Take a look at what the interior of their new home looks like.
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