Family Of 7 Sings 'You Raise Me Up' By Josh Groban

Blessed 7 is a music group made up of seven members of the same family. Their singing performances are a real treat for all music lovers, which they have proven many times.

In December, they released a video online in which they performed the world-famous hit 'You Raise Me Up' together.

The aforementioned music group Blessed 7 consists of seven brothers and sisters, and their singing performances always impress the world public. A month ago, they posted a video on the YouTube network in which they sang a worldwide hit.

Together, they arranged for a performance while singing the hit song 'You Raise Me Up', sung in 2003 by Josh Groban. The song was not released by him - the year before it was presented to the world by the Norwegian-Irish duo Secret Garden.

Listen to a wonderful singing performance in which the hit song 'You Raise Me Up' was performed by seven siblings who present themselves in the world of music with the stage name Blessed 7.
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