Family Wades Through Chest-Level Floodwaters To Rescue Their Dogs From Hurricane Dorian

The death toll in the Bahamas has risen to 20 due to Hurricane Dorian, and authorities fear the number will rise sharply.

Yesterday, many rescue teams arrived on the island to deliver food, water and medicines to the affected residents, while many shelters were placed.

Many residents of the Freeport area on the Grand Bahamas had to move out of their homes because of the extensive flooding, many streets and buildings were under water. Many including a Bahamian journalist Tim Aylen, who had to leave home with his family as the water rose rapidly.

Aylen and his family walked through the flooded area and the water reached higher than their belts. He recorded part of his escape on camera, and the video immediately circulated around the world.

In the video, we can see his 21-year-old daughter Julia Aylen and 17-year-old son Matthew Aylen holding their three puppies together. See how the family rescued their three dogs during a dramatic escape from the rising water!
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