Father Loses It When Reading This Letter After The Loss Of His Two Beloved Dogs

Here is another video clip that touched the feelings of many around around the world. A daughter has taken this touching scene on the camera, where almost everyone gets teared-up. Next to the footage she wrote that her father recently lost two puppies, Nemo and Lucy. And because the death of the two puppies was very hard for him, they were determined to reduce the loss of both puppies at least for a little.

Firstly, they gave him a letter in his hand and told him to read it out loud. But already at first glance, the father couldn't resist crying. His daughter then read the letter out loud, saying that the loss of puppies Nemo and Lucy can not replace anything in the world, but they can help a father out at least in such way.

They bought a new puppy named Lumo, and at the first shot, the father suffered so much tears that a person can not remain without feeling when watching the footage.
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