Father Trains Dog To Supervise His Daughter As She Does Homework In China

A father from the Chinese province of Guizhou taught his puppy to watch over his daughter. Dog Riceball learned how to supervise the daughter while doing a homework, which was always avoided by her.

Now, the video clip on the web has become a real sensation, and the dog will certainly make the day better for you.

South China Morning Post, Youtube
When Riceball was young, I trained her to guard food from the cat. Then one day I had an idea - my daughter would always misbehave when she was doing her homework. I let Riceball watch over her sister, supervising her," said Xu Liang, dog's owner.

Every time his daughter writes her homework, Riceball looks after her. The use of a mobile phone is forbidden during this, and the dog warns about the possible "violation" with a loud barking.

Xi Xinya, daughter of the owner of a puppy, told the media that writing her homework in the presence of a puppy is much easier, and she also supports her father's move herself.

But Riceball does not only care about the fact that the homework is written. She also supervises her owner's daughter while playing a piano. Take a look at how the dog watches over the girl and takes care that the school homework is always ddone!
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