Female Pickpocket Gang Caught on Camera Stealing Tourist Purse

If you also go to London yourself, then be carefull! These days, a video clip has landed on the web in which we can see a really ugly act.

Two tourists recorded their walk, and then soon they found that they were left without their wallets and mobile phones.

Since they captured their way all the time on the camera, they decided soon after the discovery to review the video.

Tourists quickly found the culprit for the disappearance of their belongings: A group of women took advantage of their inattention and, in the middle of a white day, took many items from their bags.

Take a look at how quickly two tourists were left without everything! Careful in major public places where we are surrounded by many people ...
Jusuf Sjafhan
2 months ago
It happended on June 16, 2019 and the London police still unable to catch the thieves. How stupid the london polices are.
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