Ferry Ride From Hell Meets 15-Foot Waves At Sydney Harbor

Sailing on the sea is a pleasant thing until we encounter huge waves. This happened in Sydney, Australia these days and a scenes from a ferry were captured on the camera by one of the passengers.

Due to the storm, the sea was wavy, and the waves were even more than 15-foot (5 meters) tall!

Due to the strong wind during the storm, large waves formed at sea which caused a lot of inconveniences in sea traffic. A small ferry also got in troubles near the Sydney Harbour.

From the Manly Ferry, a video of one of the passengers is coming, when he captured their way to the port. Under the video, he wrote that the ferry was the last ship to arrive at the port. He also added that some passengers enjoyed a "rollercoaster" ride while others were afraid for their lives.

See what kind of scene passengers witnessed these days on a ferry near the Australian city of Sydney. Would your heart fall into your pants if you were on that ferry?
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