First To Eleven Covers "Creep" By Radiohead In Stunning Music Video

A year ago, a video appeared on the YouTube network, where we can watch a wonderful musical performance by the band First to Eleven.

They prepared their rendition of the song "Creep", originally sung by Radiohead, and impressed many Internet users with their performance.

The video, which the members of the First to Eleven group published on their YouTube channel, is already a real hit there - to date, it has reached almost 2 million views on the mentioned network alone, and praise for the performance comes from all over the world.

A year ago, they tackled the hit song "Creep", which was presented to the world in 1992 by the alternative rock band Radiohead from the British Abingdon. The song is considered one of their biggest hits, and it made them famous worldwide.

Listen to a wonderful musical performance where the members of the band First to Eleven presented their rendition of the world-famous hit "Creep" by Radiohead. Will they also impress you with their performance?
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